Learning Team: Creative and Physical

Learning Team Summary: 

 Welcome to the Creative and Physical learning page! 

ARTAs a creative team it is our aim to ensure that all pupils at Maes yr Haul are given the opportunity to enjoy creative experiences through the teaching and learning of art, design and technology, music and physical education.                                                  

At Maes yr Haul we aim to provide fun, active, experimental and enjoyable creative activities which meet the needs of all our pupils from Nursery to Year 6.


Take a look at some of the creative work on display at Maes yr Haul

Sunset display, showing images from Africa.

Members' Profiles: 

 Miss C Jones Miss C Jones

As well as currently teaching a year 4/5 class, I am also Key Stage 2 Phase Leader. With my background study being in

music, I lead the year 4, 5 and 6 school choir (Winners of the 2011 Bridgend Choir of the Year competition.) I have

been at Maes yr Haul for 9 years, and during this time I have taught in all the junior year groups at some time or another.

Outside school you can find me pounding the pavements as I take part in my favourite hobby - running!


  Miss G. Roberts- Morgan                                                                                                      

  Although I have many roles here at Maes yr Haul, my most important role is as a teacher in Year 3. I also co-ordinate art throughout the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 and on Tuesday evenings I can be found knee deep in glitter, colour wheels and paint during my Year 3 afterschool art club with Mrs. Davies. I think my love of art started at the age of three when I drew all over my bedroom walls with crayons!


 Mrs S. Whitcombe

  I have been teaching at Maes yr Haul for 8 years now and I am part of the foundation phase team. These days I can be found in the Nursery classroom. As well as my teacher role, I am PE co ordinator throughout the whole school. I am involved in coaching after school clubs and I am always looking to promote healthy active lifestyles for all children. In my spare time I like to go swimming to relax and unwind. When I'm at home I like cooking and baking and spending time with my family.


  Mrs L Davies

  During my working day, I am lucky enough to be found in a variety of KS2 classes. I use my creativity to display

  children's work and provide a stimulating classroom environment. My love of all things 'arty' began when I was very

young (many, many years ago) and I like nothing more than getting messy! On a Tuesday, after school, I am Miss Roberts-Morgan's

glamourous assistant at Year 3 art club. At the weekend I love to go for long walks with my dogs, Woody & Jessie, and of course



  Mrs. A. Kierl

  My speech and language skills are put to use in Maes yr Haul's  Communication Resource Base otherwise known as the

  Sunshine Class. I love dog walking on the beach, cooking but most of all eating!



      Miss J Roberts

  I am currently on maternity leave but when in school I am a Nursery teacher and DT co-ordinator at Maes yr Haul and have been teaching here since we opened in 2001. I love to foster creativity in the children I teach and believe that every child is an artist! At home I love anything creative and can usually be found baking and decorating birthday cakes or making fancy dress costumes for my son who loves to dress up as dragons and dinosaurs!


   Miss L. Evans

  I started at Maes Yr Haul in 2010 and I am a member of the Foundation Phase team, currently teaching Reception. I enjoy music and have played the piano from a very young age. I co-ordinate music throughout the school and I enjoy leading the Year 2 and 3 choir on Wednesday lunch times. I also work alongside Mrs. Jenkins in the running of the Year 5 and 6 netball club.


  Mrs T O'Roche

  I started at Maes yr Haul as a parent helper five years ago. I then progressed to becoming a one-to-one while attending college. Once I qualified I was lucky enough to obtain an LSO position here. I also provide supervisor cover and deliver the 'Catch up' programme. Two years ago I became chair of the PFA. Two of my children attended Maes yr Haul also. If I am not running around at school, then I am running around at home after my two house rabbits!


  Mrs D Biston

  I have worked within the nursery and reception classes since the school opened in 2001.  Loving messy creative work  

  both in the classroom and at home.  On many occasions I have been known to leave work at the end of the day wearing

more paint and glue than the children have put on paper.  During my spare time, when I have any, I extend my creative nature

getting messy in the garden. Outside the classroom I am involved in the Student Assistance Programme (SAP) which meets once a