Welcome to our school web site. Although we are still a relatively “young” school, we have continued to work together as an ever growing team to build a school of which our pupils and parents can be justifiably proud.

Our mission statement “Enriching life through lifelong learning” enshrines our belief that learning, whilst founded on the basic skills extends to encompass the broader creative and problem solvingskills that will enrich our pupils’ lives and enable them to become active learners in a changing and technologically driven society. Our learning is based on a set of values which promote individual and collective responsibility, promoting good local, national and global citizenship. We are keen to use opportunities presented by the latest technology to learn about and link with school across the world. We set ourselves high standards to ensure that we are consistently providing the best possible all round education for our pupils.

I hope you enjoy a flavour of some of the activities in our school as you scan our web site.